October 30, 2009

Book Gossip (#19)

Book Gossip #19 - News from Australia.

It's no secret that I'm a big Melina Marchetta fan, and I'm ever so pleased to inform that her fifth novel will be called The Piper's Son and will be published in March 2010 in Australia. No date yet for when it will be available in the US but it sounds so good I'm already saving to pay for Australian shipping.

Summary and Cover
Pippers SonThe Piper's Son

Thomas Mackee wants oblivion. Wants to forget parents who leave and friends he used to care about and a string of one-night stands, and favourite uncles being blown to smithereens on their way to work on the other side of the world.

But when his flatmates turn him out of the house, Tom moves in with his single, pregnant aunt, Georgie. And starts working at the Union pub with his former friends. And winds up living with his grieving father again. And remembers how he abandoned Tara Finke two years ago, after his uncle’s death.

And in a year when everything's broken, Tom realises that his family and friends need him to help put the pieces back together as much as he needs them.

FinnkinNeedless to say that if you have read Saving Francesca you're probably jumping up and down right now. Heads up! takes place five years after Saving Francesca. Honestly, this has become my most coveted book for next spring!

Also! Ms. Marchetta's fourth novel, Finnikin of the Rock, will be published in the US by Candlewick in the Spring of 2010 (February 9th, according to amazon).

For more info on all of Melina Marchetta's books, check her site right here.


Savor the momentMoving on! Two small tid bits of info about Nora Robert's Brides/Weddings Quartet.

One, so far official cover for book three Savor the Moment is on the left, I've seen the one for the UK and it's basically the same, they just spell it Savour the Moment and the letters are in pink. Beautiful covers anyway.

And Two, the fourth and final book of the series will be called Happily Ever After.

That's it for today!

Happy Halloween

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