August 20, 2009

Sweet Annie by Cheryl St. John

Sweet AnnieAnnie Sweetwater has always been different from the rest of her family and friends in the small town of Copper Creek, Colorado. She was born with a bad hip that makes her limp. Her family adores her but also are over protective of her, at times thinking of her as a doll rather than a person.

When she was ten years old, Annie met Luke Carpenter - who had just moved to Copper Creek with his uncle - and he made her two wonderful gifts: took her for a horse ride, and he treated her like a normal girl. Sadly, her parents didn't take well to Luke, and from then on they didn't let Annie have anything to do with Luke, even though they lived in the same town.

Ten years later, Luke owns his own livery, which he build on his own since Annie's father is the town's banker and wasn't inclined to give him a loan; and he hasn't forgotten Annie; in fact, he's more in love than ever. And it is her love for him that will give her the strength to finally claim the 'normal' life she longs for.

Oh, I completely loved this book, it's the first Cheryl St. John book I've read and it was lovely. The way Luke sees Annie for the beautiful person that she is rather than pass judgment on her for her physical imperfections made me fall in love with him as well. And as Annie begins to fight for what she wants made her a great heroine.

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  1. Got a google alert and came to see your review! Thanks for discovering Sweet Annie and posting about the story.

    Cher :-)


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