August 4, 2009

Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

Sea WitchMargred is a Selkie, an immortal creature who can shift between human form and that of a seal. Usually, Selkies and humans don't mix much, but they do occasionally tangle together when selkies come to land to, basically, have sex and be on their way.

Margred latest 'hunt' brings her to the island of World's End, Maine, where she meets chief of police Caleb Hunter, a war veteran who's struggling with a bit of left over trauma and stress from his days in the dessert.

Margred and Cal are instantly attracted to each other but things are never that easy. Especially after Margred is attacked on the beach and her seal skin destroyed, which leaves her stranded on land and unsure of how much she can tell Cal, about who she is and who HIS mother was; and there is also the question of who attacked her and why.

I'm not usually a paranormal lover, though I seem to be reading a few of them lately , but I did come to enjoy Sea Witch; it combines timeless paranormal beings with small town charm. I particularly liked Regina Barone - how's set to be the heroine in the follow up Sea Fever - and her little son, as well as the rest of the Hunger siblings.


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  1. This one sounds interesting - I have a love for paranormal with a hint of mystery!


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