April 22, 2015

Book Review: Magical Animal Adoption Agency - Clover's Luck by Kallie George (Illustrated by Alexandra Bolger)

Summary (Amazon)

The first in a chapter book series starring an unlucky girl named Clover who accepts a volunteer position at a magical animal adoption agency.

My Thoughts:

Clover's Luck was super adorable. Right from the start you feel for her and how much she loves pets even though she can't seem to keep one. 

Actually, the scene at the beginning when she loses her pet-bird is a little heartbreaking because she was taking every precaution not to lose it and then her bad luck struck and she did. 

It was a very interesting balance, actually, between Clover's bad luck, her low expectations for what would happen in her life and the fact that, all in all, she wasn't a pessimist. 

She put her all into the things she did even if she suspected a little that things would go wrong at some point. 

The animals were another big plus for this book, because I loved seeing all the fantastical animals and the troubles they could get Clover into. 

Now this book is definitely for young kids, about elementary I would think, but very adorable and sweet.


  1. This sounds so cute!!! Want! 😍

  2. <3<3 Sounds soooo sweet! Perfect for the little people in my life.


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