January 30, 2013

Model Spy by Shannon Greenland

Okay! So I'm at work in the land of the lack of spell check or witting on a different language so...sorry if there are a few typos, this kb hates my ever loving guts!!!

On the other hand... free internet at work YAY!!


Also, I'm going to try this new format, one because I'm bored, and two, I don't have access to my template just now. Ooops! Guess that's the kind of thing I should carry in my flashdrive, huh?

Anyway, so today's review is about Model Spy by Shannon Greenland, book one of The Specialists, which I got from NetGalley a couple of months ago and was apparently first published in 2007.

The story goes like this: Genius super hacker Kelly James (a sixteen year old college student) gets in trouble after hacking into a secure goverment site to help her R. A. David (who also happens to be super hot) after David told her a sob story about him wanting to find his family. 

A few hours later, Kelly gets arrested and hauled in for questioning. And then she's given a choice: she can go to juvie or she can change her name and become a spy. Once enrolled, she discovers that David works for the Agency too, and that she now has to pair up with him for her first mission, which imples pretending to be a model. 

So, the story sounded sweet enough, and kinda cute, and once I started to read I kind of remmebered having heard of this book before - probably when it was first published in my pre-blogging days - which was good. 

The story itself is cute and harmeless. It took me a while to fall into the groove of the story but it wasn't too bad. 

The thing, though, is that it wasn't particularly memorable, and sometimes it did feel a little dated. Characters were nice, writing was decent and the story was okay. 

As I said, pretty harmeless. One of those books you can take or leave and it's all good. It's kind of the definition of a 3 Star book! (will add cute little stars later!). 

Love, Alex!!

Ps - Sorry if I'm a little chatty/rambly, I'm sleep deprived. 

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