September 3, 2012

Book Review: The Rancher's Secret Wife by Brenda Minton

At First Sight: Cheyenne has made some bad decisions in her life and she knows that driving out to see Reese Cooper is probably one of them. 

But Reese, after knowing her all of three hours, offered to marry her so she could get medical insurance while he was away in Afghanistan and she was pregnant. 

So, after learning he was injured overseas, Cheyenne decides to go see him before finding a place to settle down and have her baby. 

Things don't go as planned with Reese or his family - mostly because he never told anyone he had married a Vegas showgirl/waitress - and Cheyenne sort of finds herself staying in town, and enveloped in Reese's big family. 

But they never spoke or planned beyond Cheyenne having the baby and all those things they haven't said are driving them apart. 

Second Glance: I thought this was going to be a completely different story, I think it was because the image in net galley was so small, and I didn't see that this was a love inspired, which means there is a fair bit of religion and God. 

And I honestly don't have a trouble about that, I've read a fair bit of Christian romances and though they are usually really tame, some have been wonderful. This was not the case. The story was okay, the characters were likable enough - though there were a lot of them and they sort of blended together and most weren't memorable. 

The writing and plot were okay though. 

Bottom Line: I had two major problems with The Rancher's Secret Wife. One, the characters were a bit on the bland side and second, it was just a bit boring. I didn't feel much chemistry between Cheyenne and Reese, though they were likable enough I didn't believe them together. 

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