August 9, 2012

Speed Date: The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

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The Deal: Harry Pye has never had any problem working as a land steward for Lady Georgina Matiland, even though she's a rather unconventional lady and landowner, until he finds himself escorting her back toward her estate in Yorkshire, and they are forced to spend more time together than usual.

Lady George doesn't fit the mold of a society miss, she's wealthy in her own right, too tall and not classically beautiful but, as the sister of an earl, she's accepted in society even if she's not particularly popular. She had never taken notice of Harry, as he tends to blend into the background (by choice) with this brown clothes and brown hair. But his wicked green eyes and dry humor draws her in, bit by bit. 

In Yorkshire, however, there are lots of trouble. As Lady George's estate is next door to the Granville estate, and Harry has a long, complicated relationship with them, sheep keeps on getting poisoned and Harry is being pointed as a possible culprit. 

And the endless Yorkshire rain doesn't help. 

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My Thoughts:  I love Harry Pye as a leading man. He isn't as mysterious, flamboyant and dramatic as Simon (from Serpent Prince) and he doesn't have the temper of Edward de Raaf (from the Raven Prince), he's a much more understated sort of hero, but quite alpha in his own quiet way. 

He doesn't throw tantrums or makes wild declarations, but he is very much in charge of himself and his emotions (except where George is concerned) and he doesn't see it like a threat to his masculinity to be working for a female. He likes his job, and is also a very kind man.

Lady George was harder for me to like at times, but she has a good heart and she always means to do well, even if she sometimes gets blinded by her station in life. 

Plus, I really liked the secondary characters and the small cameo appearances by Simon and Edward - I love that this series is connected by the men's friendship.

All in all, the Leopard Prince is definitely on my Top Three of favorite Hoyt books.
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