April 27, 2012

As Seen on TV... (Well, YouTube) - The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Hello my fellow human beings!!!

In the last couple of weeks I came across this very interesting vlog series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - which is a modern spin on the Pride and Prejudice stuff but in vlog format. We see the the story from Lizzie's eyes as rich, young and single doctor Bing Lee shows up in the neighborhood, sending Lizzie's mom into a matchmaking frenzy. 

The story is a somewhat Americanized, and they did knock off Mary and Lydia - who always get the short stick - but otherwise it's funny, true to the spirit of the book and, hell, I even like Lydia in this version. So far only Lydia, Jane, Lizzie and Lizzie's best friend Charlotte have showed up in the videos but who knows what might happen next?

I believe that only 8 episodes have been filmed so far - depending on views there might be more -and the sixth one was just released yesterday (with new ones coming next Monday and Thursday).

It's a really fun little series, the videos are around 4 minutes long and they'll make you smile. 

So, check them out: 

Love, Alex.

PS 1 - You can also find Lizzie Bennet (and other assorted 'characters') on Twitter, and on tumblr

PS 2- Hank Green (of The VlogBrothers fame) is a co-creator of this, you can check out his introduction to the project here:

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