September 3, 2011

As Seen On TV: Top Chef Just Desserts

Just Desserts

I love cooking shows and I love sweets, I've been a fan of Top Chef for many, many year, so I was naturally happy when I heard about Top Chef: Just Desserts. The show is back for a second season and I have to say that it's even better than the last.

The shows follows the Top Chef format pretty closely: every episode there is a Quickfire Challenge -where, in the early stages, a contestant may win immunity or some other prize - and an Elimination Challenge.

In Just Desserts, it's all about the sweet stuff! There are cakes and chocolate and just any type of dessert imaginable. This is Food Porn as it best! I love Gail Simmons as the host of the show, she's both likable and funny and she knows about food! And I love, love, love the Johnny Iuzzinni (I got a serious lusty crush on him).

We are only in the second episode but I'm loving this season! I think they have kicked things up a notch and it's a delight to see. Though I do recommend having something sweet to eat at hand while watching this show, because it will make you hungry!!

Love, Alex.

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