October 24, 2010

Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

CoffeeEvery morning, sophomore Katrina Svensen wakes up early to do some chores around her Grandmother's Coffeehouse, but on a morning just a couple of weeks before winter break, Katrina is startled out of her wits by finding a guy sleeping on the alley behind the Coffeehouse.

The guy is dressed weird and Katrina's first reaction is running back inside and call her best friend Vincent, but in the end she figures it might just be some homeless guy or a kid who partied too hard and wandered there, and decides to give him (as in just quickly put outside the door and lock it again) some coffee and leftover pastries just because she thinks it's better to give them to a human than to the seagulls in the harbor.

She had no idea that such small act of kindness would change her life.

But that's what happens when, later, the same guy - who wears a kilt of all things! - shows up at her school and claims he has to repay her selfless good deed. The last thing Anna needs is to have a crazy guy following her around, but Malcolm will not go away until he has granted Katrina's heart desire. However, with her best guy-friend suddenly becoming a hero and dating a girl Katrina hates, and with her Grandma's coffeehouse loosing money and costumers all the time, Katrina really doesn't want to deal with Malcolm, but with each encounter she begins to realize that there is more to Malcolm that just weirdness... he is, in fact, an Angel.

I have mixed feelings about Coffeehouse Angel. I loved the second part of the book - once Katrina starts to come into herself and really take charge of things - but the first part of the book had me rolling my eyes a lot. Okay, part of it is that the characters are teenagers but they seem very self-absorbed at some points and it annoyed me. And I also found some of the comments made a bit bad taste.

However, in the end I did find the book charming and I loved the ending. The book is a sweet, quick read with a very PG romance.

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