April 20, 2009

Blueberry Hill by Marcia Evanick

Jocelyn Fletcher is beautiful, blond and has a job as an assistant district attorney, now, she loves being a lawyer but she has seen one criminal too many walk free because of silly technicalities and suddenly she doesn't like being and ADA anymore. So, in an effort to find some new direction to her life, she asks her older sisters Gwen and Sydney to help her find a job -preferably away from the law - and moves temporarily to their town: Misty Harbor, Maine.

Quinn Larson is the law in Misty Harbor - literally, he's the sheriff - even though at home his three children seem to be the ones running the show. Ever since his ex-wife died a few weeks back, Quinn has been looking for a live-in nanny/housekeeper to help him with his kids (a boy and twin girls) without much success; so, when Jocelyn shows up for an interview, he gives her the job, even though he isn't sure inviting such an attractive woman (who also has no experience taking care of kids but seems otherwise responsible and sane) to live with him.

So begins this Blueberry Hill, which, being my first Marcia Evanick book surprised me with how much I liked it - I have no idea how it fares in comparison to her other books but I intend to find out.

Quinn is a good guy, a caretaker who puts everyone he cares about and their needs before himself and his own needs, who loves his job - save for the tons of paperwork and the fact that he's on call 24/7 - and his family, and he eventually falls in love with Jocelyn. Jocelyn also falls in love with Quinn, with his goodness and, why not mention it, his hot bod, but the falling in love is slow and gradual. They sure are attracted to each other from the start but know that with kids running around, attraction isn't enough. They act like two mature people their own age and that was greatly appreciated.

Another high note of the book is the children, especially the girls, Issy and Tory, who act their own age too and each has his/her own definite personality. Oh, and there is a dog (books are always better when dogs are around in my opinion).

There is also a secondary plot revolving around Quinn's sister Phoebe and her high school sweetheart which was also a nice addition to the plot without overpowering the main storyline.

Over all, Blueberry Hill left me wanting to read more about Misty Harbor, lucky for me I found out that Jocelyn's two sisters have their own books so it won't be the last time I visit the harbor.




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