January 24, 2009

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Forever PrincessPrincess Diaries Volume 10: Forever Princess

Mia's life finally seems perfect: she's a couple of weeks away from graduating high school, she got into every college she applied to and has great friends (Even her once nemesis Lana) and a gorgeous boyfriend who adores her.

Well in paper, a lot of things sound prefect. But Mia, as usual, has been lying and keeping secrets: like telling everyone that she didn't get into any school or telling everyone that her senior project is a boring recount of the olive oil press technology when instead she wrote a steamy romance novel set in medieval times (which she's trying to publish with zero success so far). Or the fact that she isn't all that attracted to J.P. - her current boyfriend.

Then, because in Mia's word nothing is ever simple, Michael comes back from Japan and suddenly he's back in her life and smelling as good as ever!

With this book I did something I hadn't done in a long, long time: I stayed up all night reading it (I have the dark circles under my eyes as I type this to prove it); I just couldn't stop, and I kept snorting with laughter and generally having a goofy smile on my face, even at four in the morning.

Everything gets resolved (I'm not going to say how, since I'm trying to behave) and in most satisfying ways.

Few times, if ever, I have been more pleased with how a book series ends.

Mia shall remain Forever Princess and forever in our hearts.


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