November 15, 2008

To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt

SinnerTo Seduce a Sinner is the second book in the Legend of the Four Soldiers Series by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Melisande knows she's not exactly the Belle of the Ball, and she knows that, though she comes from a good family, at 28 she isn't much of a catch. But she has been in love with Japer Renshaw, Lord Vale; since she first saw him years ago and when his fiancée leaves him at the altar she decides that is now or never, so she proposes to Lord Vale.

Vale, for his part, was not having the best of days, actually, he has had lots of bad days since he returned from the colonies where he was in the military, after most of his company was killed in an ambush, especially when one the few surviors tells him that he knows for a fact they were betrayed (see To Taste Temptation). His body might be unharmed, but his mind has deep scars. When she asks, and even though he's not even sure of Melisande's name, he decides its not the worse thing in the world and agrees to marry her.

I would say more but I'll leave it at saying that Melisande has her secrets (though, arguably, there was more Mrs. Hoyt could have done with that bit of the plot); and so does Lord Vale (it feels funy calling him Jasper, somehow); the both have a past and things they regreat. However, and I this is very important to me, I was so glad when Lord Vale didn't react like a Judith McNaught hero (as in completely stupid and blowing things out of proportion) when he discovered some of Melisande's secrets, that was so refreshing and just great.

I was also very intreaged by Mrs. Firstwilliam and Sir Alistair (who, yes, are set to be the main couple in Book 3 To Beguile a Beast, out early-ish 2009), and I want to hear more from them.

As for Melisande and Lord Vale, I'm happy with their story. and Sir Mouse, Melisande's dog, was such a nice touch.

Oh, and by the way, we keep going through the stories of the four soldiers (which started with Iron Heart in To Taste Temptation, and continues here with Laughing Jack) and the way the stories changed hands was quite nice, it had me smiling.

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