July 9, 2008

Head Games by Mariah Fredericks

Head Games
Ever since something happened last year, Judith Ellis feels safer playing on line than actually living her real life. That is until her real life interlopes with her on-line one. Soon she and Jonathan - who lives in her same building - go around playing a new game, one that brings them closer and lets them get to know each other in a different way.

At the same time, Judith is also growing close to Katie, a girl from her school whom she tutors. Soon Ellie is going back and forth between these two realities of hers and she begins to deal with what happened to her.

I quite enjoyed the book, Judith was a character with whom I could really identify, she was very smart and had real problems without being overly dramatic, her voice is clear, her fears are real and over all she's very likable.

Jonathan and Katie are both unforgettable characters, they are so different yet they come to mean so much to Judith and to you, as a reader, as well.



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