May 14, 2008

Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie

Anyone but You by Jennifer Crusie - Also known as FRED'S BOOK

Who's Fred do you ask? Well, that would be the part beagle part basset and all unforgettable dog that features prominently in this book; basically, he steals the show.

Not that the human couple isn't amazing, because they are!!

Nina and Alex live at the same building and so far they hadn't met, but when Nina - on her fortieth birthday - adopts Fred, Fred-darling wanders into Alex's apartment, via the window, and Alex has to return it; which prompts his meeting Nina. Alex is a 30 year-old E.R. doctor who likes his life very much, thanks, no matter that his family keeps pressure him to get a 'real job' like Cardiologist instead of joking around in the E.R.

From the beginning, Alex likes Nina; and he doesn't care she's 10 years older than him; he falls in love. And so does Nina though she's a little bit more reluctant feeling old and somehow not 'pretty' enough. Through a series of situations - and lots of Fred's melding - they get together.

And it's wonderful... for about a night.

Alex and Nina are both trapped in the ideas of what they think the other wants which quickly starts making them both miserable. Of course, thankfully, there is Fred to save the day.

The secondary are also worth a mention, Nina's best friend Charity and Alex's brother Max, as well as the upstairs neighbor; all bring warmth and humor to the story.

Jennifer Crusie is amazing!!! And Anyone But You is one of her finest jobs.

starstarstarstarstarPersonal Favorite

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