April 27, 2008

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy
Nothing in life ever came easy to Liberty Jones.

At fourteen she and her mother move (her father died when she was a small girl) to the small town of Welcome, Texas; to live at a trailer park where her life changes forever. There she meets the one boy that changes everything: Hardy Cates. After their first meeting, Liberty falls in love with him even though he does everything to keep a small buy crucial distance between them. Hardy wants to go places and he knows that if he's with Liberty neither of them will ever go far from their trailer park life.

Eventually, Hardy walks out of Liberty's life, taking a piece of her heart with him and Liberty finds herself in the position of raising her little sister all by her self. She makes the best out of it, not in that charming, optimistic way that sometimes gets annoying, but in a real, down to earth manner: knowing it was going to be hard as hell but willing to fight till the end.

Life takes her to Houston, to work at an upscale salon where she meets old tycoon Churchill Travis who takes and interest on her. Everyone thinks he's her Sugar Daddy, specially after she quits her job in the salon and goes to work for him. Then she meets Churchill's oldest son: Gage. Handsome, smart, rich Gage... who doesn't like her at all... or does he?

To top it all off, after years of absence, Hardy is back. He made something out of himself and he wants Liberty back.

Who will she chose?

Well, you're going to have to read to find out. I can only say that this is not a typical romance novel, and it certainly isn't a classic Cinderella story where the rich guy sweeps the girl off her feet and makes everything all right. Liberty fights for herself, even if she does get a bit of help.

I would say that, more about romance, Sugar Daddy is about Liberty's life and the choices she makes.

And it will have you rooting for her every step of the way.


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