April 5, 2012

Book Review: First Date by Krista McGee

The Deal: Addy Davidson has spent her life trying to fill the tall order of being the daughter of missionaries. Something made harder by the fact that both her parents died while doing missionary work and now she's being brought up by her uncle and attending a Christian high school. 

She wants to keep a low profile and succeeds at it for the most part, until she's selected to take part in a reality show called The Book Of Love. The focus on the show is finding a prom date for the President's son Jonathon Jackson. 

Addy doesn't want to participate, but her uncle and principal keep telling her it's all part of God's plan and soon, against her wishes and better judgement, she's whisked away to take part in the ultimate dating game show. 

My Thoughts: I wanted to like First Date, I really did. I thought the idea of it sounded rather cute, but very early into the book I was hit over the head with religion and God's name and God's plan.

And the over all effect was preachy, preachy, preachy. 

I liked some of the contestants and even Jonathon, the president's son. But the Christian part bothered me. I knew this was a Christian book, and I usually have no trouble with that but in this case it was just too much. I understood it was an important part of Addy's life but I felt like the message was shoved down my throat often an often and that it was used a bit as a clutch and plot device rather than a more organic part of the story.

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