April 8, 2012

At the Movies: My Sassy Girl

Charlie was on his way to visit his aunt - whose son recently died - when he found a young woman leaning over the rails at the subway station, and he rushes to save her life. The young woman's name is Jordan and from that moment on she kind of takes over Charlie's life, dragging him into all sorts of crazy adventures and generally getting him in trouble. even with her father. 

Charlie comes from a middle-class midwestern family and his dream is to get into this big agricultural company that his father has worked for for most of his life, but he keeps getting derailed by Jordan and they start to fall in love - even after Jordan confesses that her fiance recently left her. 

I'm going to stop there because I don't want to give away spoilers. I have such a fond memory of the first time I saw this movie - because it was during a rare visit with my best friend Vi and we saw this movie and we both loved it. 

I liked it because it's a funny, little romantic comedy and it felt like that - I've found that so-called romantic movies of late, are anything both, someone always die or is such a ridiculous struggle for people to get together and half the time I don't buy they are going to stay together; but I totally bought into Jordan and Charlie's story.

Jordan could be a bit much at times but she was fun and I liked this movie over all. It is more the kind of movie you would watch with friends. It's a small, unassuming movie though the story-telling might be contrived at times. By the way, this is based on a Korean movie by the same name.

And I give it a B-

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