April 14, 2012

At the Movies: The Lorax

Ted Wiggins lives in "Thneed-Ville" a place were everything is artificial and people like it that way, and Ted doesn't really care either way until the day Audrey - the pretty, older girl next door - tells him her biggest dream in life is to see a real, living three. 

Ted sets out to find a real three for Audrey, and the only advice he gets comes from his grandma: to go out of the city's walls and talk to the Once-ler. The Once-lear lives on the wasteland outside the city, and is a bit of a recluse who grumpily agrees to tell Ted what happened to all the threes if he agrees to listen to his story over the course of several visits. 

Ted agrees but his sneaking out of the city catches the attention of Mr. O'Hare, the richest man of the city  who owns a bottled-air company, and who really wants Ted to desists. But Ted doesn't and eventually learns how the Once-ler arrived to a valley full of Truffula Trees and discovers the tufts from these threes are the perfect material for his invention. 

However, his chopping trees doesn't sit well with the valley's dwellers and The Lorax - an orange spirit that speaks for the threes - is summoned. The Lorax is annoying and is out to teach the Once-ler a lesson, but the two reluctantly become friends.

This movie is cute! Very cute in fact, and for the most part I really loved it. It had a good message, the animation was good and I think that even very small kids can understand it. My one problem with it were the musicals... there were about four musicals too many and they just kept chopping the rhythm of the movie, and only two or three of the songs were any good.

Over all, I would give it a B-

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