August 19, 2014

Book Review: The Angry Little Puffin by Timothy Young

The Deal: Being a Puffin in the penguin's enclosure at the zoo is hard. For starters, no one knows what he is and everything just says he's a "Funny little penguin".

But he's not a penguin!!! And he's tired of hearing that everyday!!

My Thoughts: This books was adorable. I like puffins, it's actually what my sister calls me most of the time, but they certainly aren't as mainstream as penguins and in this little book, one little puffin is suffering from it.

But it only takes one person to really see him to make him feel loads better.

A really adorable book for kids!

August 17, 2014

What's Making Me Happy...

Hello my dears! I have a few things making me very  happy this week. Well, these past few weeks. 

1. Mah puppy is doing well! He even put on a bit of weight and is enjoying being the most spoiled being at my house. We still needs to gain a few pounds more but he's eating well.

2. This video: 

And the many gifs that came with it.

3. A little behind since I saw this a couple of weeks ago, but Guardians of the Galaxy is still making me extremely happy though I haven't been able to go see it again.

4. Orphan Black. I just finished watching both seasons and I'm so in love with this series!!!! I swear. My only problem is that I can't decide if I'm Team Paul or Team Cal... I'm deeply conflicted over which one I love the most. 

5. Just having time to relax a bit after the hectic term I had at work... 

August 16, 2014

Book Review: The Friendship Pact by Tara Taylor Quinn

At First Sight: Koralynn and Bailey have been best friends since they were 5 years old, and have gone through life's milestones together with Bailey often staying at Kora's house as her mom's life imploded over and over again with the comings and goings of her stepfathers, and later with them rooming together in college.

There is nothing to test their friendship, not even Kora's husband Danny- her high school sweetheart -  who never warmed toward Bailey, even though he has known her just as long as he has known Kora - partially because Bailey keeps on breaking Danny's best friend Jack's heart time and again.

Bailey thinks she's not built for relationships, not the way Kora is anyway, and after ending things with Jack, Bailey realizes that she really doesn't want a husband - much as she does love Jack, she's terrified of being married to him - but she definitely wants a child; and, much to Kora's displeasure, she wants to try IVF.

Kora herself is trying to get pregnant, and she's so happy with her life that she wants Bailey's life to be just like hers - with a nuclear, traditional family at the center - so she's dead set against Bailey being a single mother. Bailey hates fighting with Kora and not being able to share this with her, but she finds an unexpected ally in Danny, who gets why Bailey wants to go it alone (after seeing his own parents go through a nasty divorce years before). In fact, someone like Danny would be the perfect donor for Bailey... if he weren't married to her best friend.

Second Glance: The Friendship Pact is not my usual cup of coffee (I don't drink tea), it's not even like the Cosmo I drink once in a while when I crave alcohol but don't wanna get drunk. It's some strange mix, like when you decide to try all the flavors at the soda machine at once. It's strange, can't say is GOOD, but it's oddly addictive.

That's pretty much how I felt about this story - and let me tell you that what I said above is barely but one half of the Bailey and Kora's journey. It's strange, it's a bit "everything and the sink" yet, I couldn't put it down, I HAD TO KNOW where everything ended (and I found myself a little sad when it was over, like I needed an epilogue or something).

Like I said it's a complex story that has at it's center, a deep, deep bond of friendship. Kora and Bailey have this little phase between them: "I would give you my kidney" / "I would give you two", and they really mean it, that's how much they love each other, but their lives are very, very different. And they get tested, a lot, through the course of this book.

Jack and Danny are important players too. Jack is very in love with Bailey but can't handle that she doesn't want to marry him, and Danny is often in the middle between his loyalty to Jack and Kora's displeasure that he's not nice to her best friend. 

Bottom Line: The Friendship Pact is a very messy, tangled web of things. Sometimes it felt like too much but it was very addictive and, in the end, I guess I did care about these people a lot. It was a very interesting exercise 


August 15, 2014

Book Review: Her Best Laid Plans by Cara McKenna

The Deal: Following a bad break up (that sent 3 years of her life down the drain), 23 year old Jamie Webb is ready for some fun in Ireland, where she's on vacation ready to embark in as many adventures as she can before going home and back to school. 

But so far, her experience hasn't been great, even the authentic Irish pub she walks into is populated by old men with nary a guy her age in sight... and then the bartender shows up.

Connor Kelleher helps out at the family's bar while also trying to re-route (it went a bit off the rails after his mother died), he is instantly attracted to Jamie and when he finds out she's only staying for two weeks (and the attraction is mutual), they embark in a carefree fling... 

My Thoughts: Well, Her Best Laid Plans was a fun novella over all, I liked Jamie and Connor and I kind of got where they were both coming from. Yet the story stays very light and kind of on the surface. 

But I actually liked the interactions, they were very nice to each other and both of them knew what they were getting into. Jamie had plans and a life in Ireland, and Jamie had plans, school and a job waiting for her in Boston, she wasn't planning on staying and it was never really in the cards. 

Eventually, these two decide to give each other a chance - of course they do, this is romance!!! - but I liked how it happened. 

August 14, 2014

Burned by Sarah Morgan

Not a fan of this cover, I keep thinking
 she's gonna bite her tongue off.
The Deal: Rosie Miller is a martial artist and trainer living in London with her sister and trying to enjoy her life. Having gone through a rough childhood, Rosie took refuge in martial arts and in being strong, but there is one thing about that whole world that always brings her down: Hunter Black. 

Hunter Black was an older guy at the gym where she trained as a teenager, and they became friends and, eventually, lovers... and then he left her. And Rosie hasn't been able to have an stable relationship ever since. So Rosie is horrified when - in the middle of her latest breakup - she notices Hunter sitting on the next table at the restaurant she's at. 

Rosie tries to run away, but Hunter won't let her... and things get even more complicated when she finds out that he's her new boss. 

My Thoughts: When I read Ripped - the novella that features Rosie's sister Hayley - I was very intrigued by Rosie and what had happened to her in the past, as it's mentioned that she had gotten her heart broken before. So I was excited to read Burned... but sadly, this wasn't the greatest novella. 

For one, you never really know what the hell went down between Hunter and Rosie years before when he left, a few things are implied but most of it was guess work, and the only thing that was clear to me was that Rosie was clingy and Hunter left because they she was getting too serious of something. But, as I said, nothing is really explained (or at least it wasn't explained to my satisfaction). 

And most of the page time is taken up by Rosie and Hunter either contemplating their sexual chemistry or actually having sex. But there was little development otherwise. 

So, yeah, not a big fan of this novella.