January 28, 2011

Book Review: Artemis the Brave by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

At First Sight: Artemis is the first of her group of friends to turn 13 - along with her twin brother Apollo - and she's also the only one of them who has never had a crush, her life a happy mix of hanging out with her friends, practicing archery with her brother and playing with her dogs, even if she does struggle a little with her Bestiology exams, because her friends look up to her to lead them, since she's the brave one. 

All of that changes when she meets transfer student Orion Starr, who is so handsome he could be a godboy, and he's also a terrific actor. Soon, all Artemis wants is to hang out with Orion, even with a big archery tournament coming up!

Second Glance: Artemis the Brave is the fourth book of the Goddess Girls series, and I adored it. Artemis so portrays the utterly crushing experience of having a first crush, particularity when that crush isn't all what he seems. But Artemis is braver than she gives herself credit for, and she finds that courage within herself to do what must be done.

I love the bond between the Goddess Girls, how they talk about their problems - in general and with each other - rather than let misunderstandings ruin their friendships, and how they are always there for their friends. Also love how close Artemis is to her brother, yet they both have their own set of friends and are happy that way.

Bottom Line: I keep on adoring this series, I really liked getting to know Artemis more -I always found her a bit more aloof than the other girls - and spending time with her.


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