December 30, 2010

List Maniac #14 - Dying to Read in 2011 (Romance)

So, a few days ago I posted my list for most awaited YA reads of 2011, now is time for romance (in various genres). Without further ado, here is my list of the books I'm can't wait to read in the romance front. In no particular order!

Rom1Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (January 18th)
I don't think I've read the books that sort of lead to this one, but I'm so calling it irresistible - just look at the cover!! - okay, I know that might sound superficial, but Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one heck of an author, and I'm sure I'll get around reading the predecessors - I don't believe this is a sequel, more like loosely connected to other two books - and I'll like them just fine.

Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn (March 31st)
At last the first book on the Smithe-Smith girls. The Smithe-Smith girls -and their annual musicale - are a running gag through out the Bridgerton books (and some others) by this author. They are said to be an endless crop of cousins who are exceptionally bad at playing musical instruments. That's pretty much all I know about them so far, but I don't care. I've waited for this, for finally getting some insight as to these girls. I'm putting the UK cover because there is no US one yet.

Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson (April 26th)
I think this one is another Hockey book. Rachel Gibson has written three so far, revolving around this hockey team in Seattle. I'm doing a poor job at describing it, but those two first books were two of the most awesome contemporaries I've ever read. The third wasn't so good, but it wasn't bad either. I have yet to read the fourth, but I'll do that soon. Of this one, I love the cover, it sort of makes me happy.

AbandonedWedding of the Season (December 28th) and Scandal of the Year (January 25th) by Laura Lee Guhrke
For me, Laura Lee Guhrke is the Wes Baker (The Truth About Forever) of Historical Romance: she's quiet but amazing. Not as popular as some other authors, she writes truly terrific stories. Her latest series was about 'Girl-Bachelors' (working women in the last few years of the Nineteenth century) and I adored it. Wedding of the Season launches a new series, also set at the turn of the century, it technically comes out in a few days but it's grouped with the January releases, so I'm putting it here.

Rom2Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward (March 29th)
Well, this is a bit of a stretch for me. I have been on and off the Black Dagger Brotherhood wagon often enough. I loved the first 3 books, the next ones not so much. But I'm so reading this one, mostly because the dynamics change a little - the protagonist is Payne the long, lost sister of Vishous, her hero is a mortal man (I want to see how Ward pulls that off), and I'm crossing my fingers so this book isn't overly ridiculous and that I can enjoy it.

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt (January 25th)
I admit I wasn't crazy about the first book of the Maiden Lane series, but I like Elizabeth's style and writing over all. I did like Lady Hero who is the heroine of this book. Hoyt has written some books that I've truly adored, so I'm crossing my fingers so I like this one too. At her best, Elizabeth Hoyt writes superb books.

Rom3The Chase by Erin McCarthy (April 5th)
Another installment to the Fast Track series about race-car drivers and the women who love them. I discovered this series just this year but it was so easy to like McCarthy's stories. Some of the books I've liked better than others but that's what I expect with a series, anyway. And I do hope this one is good.

A Lot Like Love by Julie James (March 1st)
I've been following her books for a while, she writes these sassy, contemporary stories about men and women who actually work, mostly in the legal field. The stories are totally PG - 13, but very romantic at the same time.

Overbite by Meg Cabot (July 5th)
This is the sequel to Insatiable, and I so want to read it. Alaric was one of the funniest characters I read this year. And Meena was so cute. Plus, Insatiable had a really TV-like narrative that I enjoyed so much. I'm not one for vampire books, but I definitely dig the brand of Vampire book, Meg Cabot puts forth.

So, those are my most awaited reads for 2011. What about yours? I'm always open to suggestions!


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