December 22, 2010

Aphrodite the Beauty by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

the beautyAphrodite is used to godboys looking at her and trying to impress her, and though she finds it a bit a annoying on occasion, she isn't prepared for the feelings of jealousy that assault her once she gives her friend Athena a makeover.

Suddenly, all of her male-fans are hanging around Athena, leaving Aphrodite feeling a bit ignored. There is only one guy still trying to get her attenton: Hephaestus. Is not that Hephaestus is not nice or anything - because he is nice, and he's makes the most beautiful things out of metal - but he's nothing like handsome Ares, on whom Aphrodite has a bit of a crush.

At the same time, Aphrodite must attend her duties as goddess of love and help a mortal win the heart of a princess...

Aphrodite the Beauty is the third book of the Goddess Girls series (Though each can be read on its own) and it fits right in with the awesome of it's two predecessors.

I was really looking forward to read this one, partially because Carrie@In The Hammock said it was the one she had liked the most so far; and partially because I wanted to see the authors' take on this goddess whom I've always known to be a bit vain, in fact, I admit I have not always liked her much until I began to read the Goddess Girls books.

I really liked Aphrodite in this book. I love that she sounds like 13-year old and yet is a goddess at the same time. I loved what she learns about herself and how her feelings are portrayed. And I loved that Athena and Aphrodite work at their friendship instead of let misunderstandings -and godboys - get in the way.

Favorite Quote: "...but there was something about the sparkle in his eyes that made him attractive none the less. Inner beauty, she realized. That's what the sparkle was."


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