December 21, 2009

To Love a Princess by Patricia Grasso

Love PrincessPrincess Amber Kazanov ran off to England to seek the protection of her cousin Prince Rudolf and avoid being sold by her uncle. Once in England, Amber realizes that what she really needs is a husband to protect her and, to that effect, Rudolf introduces her to Miles Montgomery, a reclusive earl who has lived alone in his estate for four years, ever since a fire killed his wife and left him with many scars.

Reluctantly, Miles allows Amber to stay in his house and they eventually reach an agreement. But their marriage is anything but smooth. Does he still love his dead wife? Will her uncle find her? Will he ever believe he might love him, even with his scars?

Yeah, you find out all of that in the book. I actually thought I was going to like this book, I usually like my wounded heroes finding love and happiness, but I didn't like this story. Yes, Miles, you have scars, we get it! you're also a douche bag and don't grovel nearly enough. Amber, you are nice and everything but you forgive the douche bag way too easily every time he says and does something douche-baggy.

And there are many times!!!!

Promising start, but it fell apart very quickly.


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