December 31, 2009

Book Gossip (#21)

Book Gossip #21 - To end the year in a good note!

(partially because the last book I read this year was so depressing)

Okay I know probably lots of people have seen this already but I was quite out of the loop while in Texas with my cousins - mostly because I was hanging out with my cousins, battling the flu and shopping till I dropped -to do my usual rounds checking favorite blogs and stuff.

But I was just checking Amazon just now and found out that Ally Carter revealed the cover of the Gallagher Girls Book Four (to be released June 15th, 2009).

Isn't it lovely?

In other news, all you Hathaway fans out there! Amazon has Married by Morning's release date to be May 25th, 2010. Go mark your calendars, I already did!

Now! I wish all of you a happy new year!!


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