December 24, 2009

Story of my Life (EE #1) - Christmas Edition.

Story of My Life - Especial Edition - On Christmas!

Here in my country we don’t have the Thanksgiving tradition as in the US (and Canada, I found out watching How I Met Your Mother), so we save our giving thanks for Christmas. So, here I am. What I’m a grateful for as 2009 draws to an end?

Well, I got a wonderful family - stick around, you’ll hear plenty of them in upcoming SOL’s. My sister might be a bitch on wheels half the time but when push comes to shove, she always sticks around. I also happen to be my parent’s beloved baby, who even at the advanced age of 25 remains theirs to spoil (and trust me, I AM A SPOILED BRAT), but more than that their love is upon me. Plus, there is my extended family, aunts and uncles and so many wonderful cousins – my cousin-but-really-more-like-a-sister Betty, in particular.

I also have an awesome most excellent dog! Name’s Rocco Albert Lampone and technically he’s my sister’s dog but see, until a couple of years ago I had my own dog, his name was Kero Boulis Daidojui (Bola for short) and he was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been around. Daddy originally got it for both my sister and me, but there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bola was mine, sadly a couple of years ago, Bola died and since then Rocco sleeps in my bedroom, like Bola used to do. He might not care one whit for any order I give him, and did destroy my favored pair of Sylvester slippers, he might listen to Boo more, but when I get back to my house from school or work, is his wagging tail that lets me know I have a home.

Friends! That’s another thing I’m very grateful for. There are my real life friends, Vi in particular who has been my best friend since Prep School, when we got talking one day because even though we didn’t have a math teacher during the first few weeks, we both always got early to school anyway. She’s crazy, but she understands me. There are also my E-friends, like Niradj and his girlfriend, whom I’ve been close to for almost eight years, there is Lauren and Stella whom I still keep contact with since we met in a message board Ages ago. And Kylie too, who next to Vi might be one of the few people who actually knows who deeply neurotic I am. And so many others.

There is YOU, and everyone who’s reading this. When I began to blog about books, I never thought it would stick, see, I’m not real good when it comes to finishing projects, since I lack ambition and my competitive inner bitch is usually smothered under a thick blanket of laziness, it’s easy for me to give up.

But I haven’t and in big part that’s thanks to you – and to the Bloggiesta, who forced me to get back on track.

And I’m also thankful for my Bearsie, the teddy bear that has been source of amusement, comfort and love since I saw him under our Christmas three, 23 years ago. He has been pillow, international traveler and keeper of all my secrets. Might be old and his fur not what once used to be, but he’s still sitting right next to me always.

Well, that’s me! What about you?


PS – Happy Xmas/Holidays/Winter Break!

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