August 28, 2014

ListManiac: Reboot, Remake, Sequel!!

Here is my list of the shows I would like to see rebooted, remade or with a sequel! To clarify:
Reboot - Complete redesign of the series, altering the status quo of the characters
Remake - Do over of the series, with the same premise and character's histories.

Here we go:

5. Candy Candy - Reboot and Sequel
This is a series that I saw when I was a kid and it's still extremely popular in my country and much of Latin America... and Italy, apparently. It tells the very sad story of a girl named Candy White who gets adopted by a very rich family from Chicago, falls in love twice but both romances end badly (because of REASONS) and she eventually becomes a nurse around the time of the WW1 (and if you trust the Italians, starts 'dating' her quasi-adoptive father - who is only, like, five or six years older than her )

Yep, this is a story where all of that (and more) happens and its AWESOME. The thing is that the quality of the animation is rather poor (the series must be almost 30 years old and it shows) and it ends very abruptly because the author and illustrator started to have problems with each other and with the production company so the anime series (and the novels it's based on) ended in a very infuriating "dot dot dot". I think a reboot would be lovely because it could streamline the story, but I'll settle for a sequel with an actual ending.

4. Ouran High School Host Club - Sequel
OHSHHC suffered from the fact that the manga was still being published (and fair ways off from being done) when the anime series was produced, so they had to find their own ending and took some weird detours from the manga (which ended in a very satisfying way even if it did suffer a weird holding patter in the middle of the story where nothing happened for chapters on end).

But still, the anime ended in a very open way and I honestly thought there would be a second season, particularly because Ouran was and still is wildly popular. But, alas, it's all rumors until now (though I think they did a life action version, I don't know which route it took, manga vs anime). Anyway, I would love to see the story continued and this characters I love so much blissfully happy. Maybe even an Ouran: The College Years series since we didn't see much of that in the manga.

3. Daria - Remake
I had a hard time calling this one because Daria (as produced by MTV) was a very strange animal, the animation wasn't great and the character designs were deliberately simple and drab (production costs and Daria's general state of mind? Who knows?) but the truth remains that it still speaks strongly to people of my generation and I still watch the series religiously whenever MTV airs it. I love Daria, I don't want her updated or rebooted, I don't want her made into a Millennial (that would really piss me off), but I would love to see the animation revamped a bit and maybe a few more stories into how Daria eventually coped with her world.

Because the one thing that always struck me about Daria (and which I notice more an more with every re-watch) is that although Daria is a bit bitter and cynical and cutting in her remarks about her own generation, her friends and herself, this is not a downer series.

There is hope all through out: that one day she'll get along with her parents, because Daria and her polar opposite sister Quinn tell each other the things they need to hear the most when it counts, because Daria stole her best friend's boyfriend, and then broke up with him and still remained friends with both. And hope because, as depressed as she sometime seems, Daria really wants to be happy deep down, she just happens to recognize that high school is not her moment, but that doesn't mean she won't get there.

2. Gilmore Girls - Sequel
No matter what Kool-Aid you are drinking or how OK you are with the ending of the series, if you were a fan of Gilmore Girls, you have to admit that the series ended abruptly. In a hopeful place, sure but, DAMMIT I WANT CLOSURE!!!!

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I want to see my characters be happy, specially when I suffered through that God-Awful season 6 with them!!!!!!!! I wanted to see Luke and Lorelai actually make a go of their lives together, and Rory becoming a kick ass reporter, and maybe get back together with Logan or Jess in the future. Lorelai and Sookie being super successful with their inn. And Paris! There is never enough Paris, sorry.

1. First Shop Coffee Prince - Sequel
This is a Korean Drama (my favorite ever) that tells the story of how an arrogant rich boy is forced to make a success of a small business (the Coffee Prince Coffee shop) on his own without help from his family, and how in the process he falls in love with one of his employees, even though he thinks she's a guy for most of the story (and she even pretends to be his gay lover for a while, just to annoy his grandmother). Both leads were great and had awesome chemistry together and I always expected them to make a second series.

They even hinted heavily at something called "Coffee Princess" in the finale, but then the lead actor had to go do his obligatory military service and I think that cooled off the plans some. He hasn't been making many dramas since his service ended though, and that makes me sad in and of itself. But yeah, I want more of this awesome story.

So that's me! Let me know what do you think and if you got a TV series that you would like to see Remade, Rebooted or with a sequel!! :D 

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  1. O_O I have never heard of Candy candy until now but wow who would've thought there'd be so much drama with such a cutesy name? lol.

    I was sad that Daria broke up with him because I thought they would last :/ Anyway, I don't think I'd like if they remade's too much of a classic in my mind D:

    And I haven't heard of the First Shop Coffee Prince but now I need to get on it!!! o.o


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