August 12, 2014

Book Review: Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain

At First Sight: Julia Herrington knows her family is a little unconventional: her stepfather is constantly preoccupied with their livestock and her mother absentmindedly goes along with while taking care of their little children, but they all love each other in her blended family, and she particularly loves her step sister Louisa.

So she's very happy when Louisa gets engaged to Lord Matheson, a young, wealthy viscount Louisa met toward the end of her London season. Julia even likes James - as he insist to be called - when he shows up at their family home to get acquainted with Louisa family.

In fact, she might like him a little too much.

For his part, James wants to be married soon and establish a proper home, so he and his wife can offer support to his recently widowed sister (who had a tangle with scandal as a result of her husband dying while with his mistress); and he thinks proper and elegant Louisa will be a good wife for him, even if she's more of a "head-choice" and his heart isn't really engaged beyond liking her.

But, as his visit to Louisa's home progresses and she avoids all talk of wedding plans, James goes confused, not only by Louisa's behavior but also by his own response to an interest in Julia, who charms him since the moment they first met, putting them all in an impossible situation. 

Second Glance: I loved Season for Temptation, I had been a while since I read such a light-hearted, funny historical romance.

Julia was so very likable, she was funny and often said whatever she thought but she wasn't mean about it or lacked social graces completely, she was just refreshing. James was a very nice guy who rushed into a decision he later regretted but he wasn't a douche about it.

He and Julia fall in love while he's engaged to Louisa, but I could understand them and sympathize, because they both loved Louisa too in their own way, and though I didn't like Louisa for most of the story - mostly because I couldn't understand her or where she was coming from for the longest time - in the end, she proved to love Julia just as much and helped her to be happy.

And they have to go through quite a bit to get there, but the book never turned dark and moody. That was another thing I deeply loved about this book: it's lightness, and how Julia and James were always so willing to believe the best of each other, even when circumstances might have suggested otherwise.

I hate when characters jump to the wrong conclusion and have little faith in the person they are supposed to love, Julia and James have their moments of doubt, but their dispositions just incline them to believe the best of one another. 

Bottom Line: If your are looking for something fluffy and sweet and fun, I definitely recommend Season for Temptation. It's a very relaxing, romantic read. And I can't wait to read Season for Surrender. 
starstarstarstar1/2Personal Favorite 


  1. This sounds like a good choice for pulling you out of a reading slump! This one's going on my list :)

    1. Julia and James are really funny and sweet with each other :D


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