September 4, 2012

Book Review: Strobe Edge (Vol. 1) by Sakisaka Io

The Deal: Ninako is a high school student that has never had any experience with love, sure she has a small crush on Ren, the most popular guy at school but all the girls in her grade find him dreamy - though it doesn't seem any of them have ever actually talked to him. 

Things change when Ninako realizes they take the same train after school. Due to a small accident, they start talking, and soon Ninako is really falling in love.

All to the consternation of Daiki, Ninako's best friend who really hopes he could be more.

My Thoughts: All I knew going in was that this was that I liked the cover, but I was happily surprised when I liked the contents too. 

Ninako was funny and cute, neither popular or unpopular and, well, pleasantly average. And she is really enjoying the crazy experience of falling in love for the first time, even if it doesn't always feel so good. 

Ren was really likable too - and I really liked that Ninako starts to like him because he's a very kind person - though he's very reserved and a bit on the brooding side. 

I can't really grade the whole series based on this first volume but I definitely think it's worth checking out. From the vibe I get, I think this is going to be a slow build up kind of story, and fair warning for those who hate love-triangles, since it looks like this series is gearing up to be a love... pentagon. 

Strobe Edge will be released on November 6th, 2012. 
starstarstar2/3(for this volume)

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