September 24, 2012

Book Review: Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett

At First Sight: Rose is starting high school just a few months after the death of her father, her brother has decamped to college - after giving Rose a very awkward sex talk - and her mother barely talks to her. Oh and her best friend is currently obsessed with losing her virginity and becoming a cheerleader.

She's also stuck on the same table as Jamie Forta for study hall. Jamie used to be on the hockey team with Rose's brother, and Rose has had a crush on him for a while. And, as the days pass, it starts to look like he might have taken notice of her somehow. 

But Jamie's notice might just get Rose in more trouble. 

Second Glance: It was hard to write a summary for Confessions of an Angry Girl because when it boils down to it, there isn't really much to tell. It is about Rose's first year of high school and her dealing with her father's death and the anger Rose has about it all. 

I kind of liked Rose though she sometimes did things that I didn't quite understand, and I felt like sometimes she just talked and talked and talked about things that didn't require quite so much exposition. But her frame of mind is understandable giving the circumstances. 

I liked Jamie too, though he had a few jerky tendencies - like sending Rose mixed signals when he has a somewhat steady girlfriend - but he had a nice vibe around him for the most part. And I really liked his friend Angelo, he kind of reminded me of a friend of mine. 

My main problem with the book, though, is that there are parts of it that feel really rushed, and like the story ends in nothing in particular? Later I found out this is the first book of a series, but I didn't know that going in and when I reached the end I was, like, "uh? that's it?"

Bottom Line: I don't want to damn Confessions of an Angry Girl with faint praise but it was a pretty average book, not good or bad that did indulge in one of my writing pet-peeves: sequel bait. But it was a decent enough read, all in all. 

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