May 26, 2012

Book Review: All-American Girl by Meg Cabot

In the spirit of the Meg-A-Readers Blog Hop, I'm going to be reviewing one book by Meg Cabot every sunday for the duration of the event!  

At First Sight: Samantha Madison didn't want to go to art class - since she already could draw perfectly well - but she had not choice. If it were up to Sam she would be home, wearing black and drawing pictures of celebrities in the company of various classmates, for a fee, of course. 

But, since her older sister Lucy told on her to their parents, art lessons it is. At first, Sam doesn't think the lessons with Susan Boone are going to be that bad, for something that she's beng forced into; but, after disastrous first lesson, Sam decides she's not going anymore. 

Thats why, that day, she was standing outside the Art study when the President of the USA stopped by - something not unusual when you live in Washington D.C. - and ducked into the bakery next door. She was also there when some random man pulled a gun and aimed at the President. 

Before she knew it, Sam had jumped the armed guy and become a national hero. 

So now she has to deal with her unrequited crush on Lucy's boyfriend Jack, and with Susan Boone trying to "Get Her To See!", but she also has to deal with the press, with her sudden popularity and with the president's son David - who seems to like her!

Second Glance: All-American Girl is a book that always makes me smile. I really like the whole hero stuff but mostly, I love the interaction between the three Madison girls: Lucy, Sam and Rebecca. I always find those parts to be the most fun. 

Sam is always making lists and talking about ska and, over all, she has her heart in the right place, even if she does let herself be influenced by Jack and his opinions a lot - and I have to admit I found this particularly annoying in this re-read. 

But, otherwise, I love this book. Sam is very likable, she's a good friend and loves her dog and eventually she does learn to see what's in front of her. 

Bottom LineAll-American Girl  is definitely a feel good book, but you do have to be prepared to be patient with Sam. Other than that, this book has lots of cute, funny moments. 

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