January 22, 2012

Book Review: Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren

At First Sight: One hot, summer day sisters Gabbi and Lia Bentarrini were bored, having been dragged to yet another excavation site by their archeologist mother, even though they weren't really allowed to touch anything. 

Deciding to do a little exploring on their own, Gabbi and Lia wander into one of the Etruscan caves her mother was studying... and by the time Gabbi gets out, she's no longer somewhere near 21st Century's Siena, instead Lia is gone and she walks right into a group of knights fighting each other. 

That's how she meets Sir Marcello Forelli, younger son of the Lord of Castello Forelli, where she's taken as a guest. Gabbi isn't sure what to make of the situation but she knows she's in the 14th Century, and that she must find her sister. 

But the 1300's Italy is anything but peaceful, as Florence and Siena battling for power, much as the Forellis are fighting their neighbors, making it that much harder for Gabbi to find her way back home.

Second Glance: Sorry for the short summary, I'm trying not to spoil things for anyone. 

I went into reading Waterfall knowing only two things about it: that Small @Small Review loved it, and that it had some time travel involved. And what I learned is that whenever Small tells me to read a book, I should just go ahead and do it, because she's generally right and I seriously loved this book too.

Gabbi's adventures in Italy were that awesome to read about, how she struggles between what would be expected from a well-to-do lady in the 14th century and the things she wants to (and knows she can) do. I loved that she could think fast, and used her common sense, and how much she loved her sister. 

And I loved seeing her with Marcello, his brother Fortino and his best friend Luca, how she develops different relationships with each of them and they come to respect her for different reasons. 

And I know I said I wanted to walk away from Christian Fiction for a while and that these books are technically considered CF, but you really don't feel it at all, even though there is a bit of faith woven into the story. 

Bottom Line: Waterfall is a delightful read, full of adventure and drama and romance. I found it impossible to put down and incredible entertaining to read. I can't wait to dig into Book Two: Cascade.

Favorite Quote: "There was only one way to play this. The superior, don’t-mess-with- me route." - Gabbi
starstarstarstarstarPersonal Favorite

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