May 23, 2011

Welcome to Armchair BEA!

Armchair BEAHello everyone!!!

Today is the kick off of Armchair BEA -and event aimed for those who, for whatever reason, were unable to attend BEA this year. 

So, for those who are just stopping by thanks to Armchair BEA... Welcome, Welcome to another day at A Girl, Books and Other Things; and allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Alex - as in Alejandra Marisol - and I'm a girl who is obsessed with books, movies and TV. I write whenever I can - it seems to me like I'm always writing something - and read pretty much the rest of the time.

I hold a degree in biology (with a focus on water), and I'm certified to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages; but I'm currently unemployed and living with my parents, my sister Boo and our dog, named after The Godfather's, Rocco Lampone.

Few people outside from this blog actually call me Alex, which is weird because it is my given name. Most people call me Mary or Sol, or Baby or Punky (for some unfathomable reason). Elsewhere in the internet universe I'm known as Clavie -and yeah, it can be confusing, but for the time being just call me Alex or Clavie and I'll answer to you.

I'm a blogger outside of the US, hence my not doing actual BEA -what with being unemployed and the costs of air fare... and the fact that I don't really like traveling... 

Anyway, in the blog I review the occasional movie in the At the Movies section, and comment on TV from time to time in As Seen on TV, but mostly I focus on books! I read romance and YA in a variety of sub-genres and I like it that way.

And that's me in one hyper nutshell.

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