May 1, 2011

At The Movies: HOP

E.B. has always known that someday he'll be the next Easter Bunny - that's what happens when your dad is the Big Bunny himself! -  but, deep down, he has always known that what he really wants to be is a drummer in a rock and roll band. And so, on the eve before he was supposed to become the new Easter Bunny, E.B. runs away to the land where dreams come true: Hollywood.

After wandering for a while - and trying to gain access to the Play Boy Mansion (as he's both a bunny and really sexy) - E.B. meets Fred, an out of work and out of luck human who gets stuck taking care of E.B. while trying to keep his life from becoming even a bigger mess.

Fred has never really known what he wants to do with his life, and his family has grown tired of waiting for him to leave the nest, though his sister Sam does try to help him; and it's while doing her a favor -and gaining a place to stay in the process - that he runs into E.B. (literally).

Meanwhile, at Easter Island - HQ of the whole Easter Operation - the clock is ticking as Easter is just a few days away and E.B.'s dad is going crazy both worried about his son and his responsibilities as the Easter Bunny, while his second in command Carlos is trying to stage an uprising against the rule of the bunny.

Okay, I'm aware I just said Easter and bunny a bunch of times but gosh, I really adored this movie. Granted I'm a fluffist and I love all things bunny - I got my bunny ears and about fifteen plushie bunnies to prove it! - but I had such a great time watching this movie, I even liked Russel Brand -who voices E.B. - and I generally don't like it. Hugh Laurie and Hank Azaria as E.B.'s dad and Carlos, respectively, were awesome too.

The animation was cute and really good, and I nearly went into sugar overload when I saw the candy factory. And the humans -mostly Fred and his Family - where so funny. I loved James Marsden and Kaley Cuoco and how they played brother and sister.

Do I think HOP is the movie everyone is waiting for? nope. But it's a fun, family movie. So I give it a B

Added the trailer in case you hadn't see it.

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