April 1, 2011

Retro Friday (8) - She Went All The Way by Meg Cabot

She Went All the Way
This is the cover I got
At First Sight: Being stuck on an helicopter with Jack Townsend (one of Hollywood's hottest actors) was not screenwriter Lou Calabrese's idea of fun. Lou and Jack go way back, to the first movie Lou ever sold - Copkiller - which launched a highly successful franchise that has Jack as lead actor. The fact that Jack's ex and Lou's ex just got married, just adds an extra layer of uncomfortable between them.

But when their pilot turns on them mid flight - they were on route to the location of Copkiller 4 - and points a pistol at Jack, things get infinitely more complicated as Lou and Jack are stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, in the middle of a blizzard, with only each other to turn to for help - as they learn that someone is out to kill Jack.

As they try to get back to civilization, Jack and Lou get talking... and, after years of working together, they finally get to know each other.

Second Glance: She Went All The Way is one of my favorite books by Meg Cabot. It has two great leads in Lou and Jack, a sweet secondary romance (that of Jack's mom and Lou's Dad), a wide cast of supportive characters and a cute dog. 

She went new
Current Cover
Mostly, I love how cinematic this story is. I seriously can picture it as a movie: the descriptions, the action scenes (mostly in the form of Lou and Jack running from hired assassins). The story is kind of campy and fun, and I love how Lou is always quoting and trying to apply movies that she has seen to the situations they are in. 

And their banter is just so funny.

Bottom Line: A great contemporary romance with lots of humor, action and tons of pop culture. One of my favorite Meg Cabot Books.

Favorite Quote: "No, I never owned a Nordic Track," Jack growled. "Who do I look like to you, Suzanne Somers?"
"Maybe,"she said, "But she does the Thighmaster, not Nordic Track. I don't think her butt is quite as nicely contoured as yours, though."

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