April 11, 2011

Book Gossip 27 - Best News EVER!!!

Okay, so I'm completely obsessed with the Bard Academy books. I love them, I rave about it, I rage against MTV books for pulling the plug on the most awesome series ever - or I used to.

Just today, Cara Lockwood announced that there will be a fourth (YAY!) and likely last (AW!) Bard Academy book, called A Tale of Two Proms. In her blog she says that:
It's Miranda's senior year and she's about to graduate. But leaving Bard means leaving Heathcliff, possibly forever. Will Miranda find a way to keep Heathcliff in this world? Or will the sudden appearance of his old flame, Catherine, change everything?
I know I'm a fan girl, but it sounds wonderful to me. And it's sort of fateful since I'm spotlighting the first book in the series, Wuthering High for Retro Friday this week.

Anyway, I'm so happy at these news, and I know I'm not the only one.

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