July 26, 2010

Series Review - The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn, Part 3

The Meh

These are the ones that I didn't like-like, that were less than ok but not bad. You can check Part 1 and Part 2.

KissIt's In His Kiss (Book 7)
Hyacinth Birdgerton, the youngest daughter of the Bridgerton family, finally meets her match thanks to the ever fabulous and outspoken Lady Danbury who introduces Hyacinth to one of her grandsons: Garret St. Claire.

Garret is one of the few men ever to make Hyacinth nervous and, in the past, Hyacinth always made sure to stay away from such men, but she just can't stay away from Garret.

Then he asks her help to translate a book left by his grandmother (written in Italian) which tells the secrets of his family and might finally unearth the reason why his father hates him so much.

WeddingOn the Way to the Wedding (Book 8)
Gregory Bridgerton - the last man standing of the Bridgerton Clan - is a fashionable man about town, young and carefree, he has never worried too much about finding love, after all, all of his 7 siblings managed to find it. Gregory thinks that, when he meets the right woman, he'll know.

So happens that he 'knows' while at a party given by her sister-in-law Kate, when he sees Hermione Watson and he instantly knows. Since Hermione is swamped by suitors, Gregory forms an alliance of sorts with Lucy Abernathy - Hermione's best friend - to court Hermione, and, since he does like Lucy quite a bit, ends up forming a friendship with her.
But then the eternal question springs forth, what will happen on the way to the wedding? and, more important, Whose Wedding?

It's in His Kiss and On the Way to the Wedding were my least favorite books of the series for two very different reasons. It's in his Kiss was much awaited, because we had all seen Hyacinth grow up and she was the cheekiest most adorable girl of the B-Clan, but in her book, it just didn't come across. Oh, there are some nice moments in the book - like when Lady Bridgerton talks about when Hyacinth was born, a few weeks after her husband had died - but in the end it just wasn't as charming as I hoped it would be.

And, On the Way to the Wedding, well here what happened was that we never really got to know Gregory, he's 16 years younger than Anthony, so for the majority of the B-clan's series, he wasn't around, he was too young to hang out with his other brothers, and during the girls' books he was away at school or university and we never got to know him before his book. And you have to admit the plot is a bit convoluted.

Again, kudos to Mrs. Quinn because she has enough talent to pull the books off, and I did finish them - I don't think I would have finished them had they been by another, less talented author - but they weren't her better efforts, sorry to say.

And that's it!!
We are done with the Bridgertons! Honestly, most of the books are delightful reads and I do hope you pick them up.


  1. I agree. These two were my least favorite in the series. I liked Hyacinth's story more than Gregory's.

  2. I also loved this series, but Gregory's story is the only one I haven't read, just because I haven't heard many good things about it. But I am sure I will eventually get around to it!


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