July 2, 2010

Of All the Stupid Things by Alexandra Díaz

Stupid ThingsA careless rumor sets in motion a chain of events that threatens the life-long friendship of Tara, Whitney and Pinkie.

Tara, a jock, is shocked and confused when Whitney tells her that there is a chance Tara's boyfriend has been fooling around with one of the male cheerleaders of their school.

Beautiful but lonely Whitney (make that Whitney Blaire) is launching a hate campaign on the new girl in town, Riley... the only thing is that, lately, Tara wants to spend all her time with Riley.

Pinkie - the mother hen of the group, watches in the sidelines, - wondering how is she to fix their friendship, missing her mother and getting mixed signals from an older guy who never calls her when he says he will.

These are the making of Of All The Stupid Things, told in the alternate points of view of the three girls. It deals with friendship, loneliness, fear of abandonment and sexuality.

I quite liked the book, it was very compelling and, once I started, I wanted to reach the end and find out what happened all around. Tara, Pinkie and Whitney have very distinct voices but sometimes I felt like I had missed something I needed to know to understand what was happening. Also, some of the girls' reactions to what happens seem a little too far fetched and their actions are never fully explained, which left me wondering about a few things.

But, like I said, the book is hard to put down, so I definitely give it points for that, though the Whitney Blaire thing sort of annoyed me a bit (by this I mean the fact that she gets called her full name always even though there are no other Whitneys about).
Thanks to everyone at International Book Tours for the opportunity of reading this book.

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