June 14, 2010

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Out of the blue, all over the US, teenagers are raising from their graves and re-joining the living... sort of.

Goth girl Phoebe and her classmates at Oakville High experience this phenomenon first hand since the school has a reputation of being friendly toward the 'living-imparied'. And, though Phoebe can't help to be oddly attracted to one of the zombie kids, Tommy Williams, almost everyone else has big problem with the 'alternate biotic' population of Oakville.

Adam, Phoebe's best friend since childhood, has a crush on Phoebe a mile wide, and would do anything to make her happy, maybe even protecting Tommy, who's trying to join the football team.

Okay, I'm trying not to spoil and just give a basic summary, but I also have to say that Generation Dead was not my cup of tea. I thought that the premise sounded quite cool but I was unable to like most of the characters - I didn't dislike them, we just didn't connect. The one exception was Adam but even he sometimes lost my interest.

In the end I was just sort of trudging along in this strange world, not sure if I was liking it or not.

So no rating for this one.

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  1. Too bad you didn't like it, I'll still give it a shot, though :)


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