May 7, 2009

Death by Latte by Linda Gerber

Death by Latte
After barely escaping with her life, Aphra Connolly has made it to Seattle, to finally reconnect with her mother, whom she hasn't seen in four years. The only problem is that her mother doesn't want her there. Aphra's mom Natalie is a former CIA operative who still has ties to the Agency and is trying to protect both her family - Aphra and her dad - and the Mulos, former members of a sleeper cell of a terrorist group known as The Mole.

Aphra's presence in Seattle complicates everything, especially because, without her knowning, the Agency and the Mole have been monitoring her, thinking that if they keep a tags on her long enough she will lead them to the Mulos' son Seth.

After Natalie's pardner is murdered - by a unconscious cup of coffee - Aphra comes face to face with two people, one she never wanted to see again: Agent Watts, her nemesis from the first book Death by Bikini; and one she very much longed to see: Seth... only that Seth is acting strange too, and demanding to have back a ring he gave her the last time they said goodbye.

What will happen next? Will Aphra reconnect with her Mom? with Seth? or will the bad guys triumph over the good guys for once?. And, who are the bad guys, anyway?

These and more questions swirl about Death By Latte.

I found it harder to get into this book then what I did with he first one, but it does pick up. If anything, the book is a bit short, it drags a little at the beginning and then it packs a lot of action in the second half of the book.

starstarstarstar(just barely)


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