August 28, 2008

Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson

Girl at Sea
Clio thought it would be a perfect summer as she just landed a job at a trendy art store where her crush, Ollie, works. But things quickly turn sour when Clio's Mom has to go to Kansas for the summer and she ends up in Italy with her crazy father.

Clio is not happy about this, she and her dad don't get along but to add to it, she's stuck on a boat with his dad's new girlfriend Julia, Julia's daughter Elsa and Julia's assistant Aidan... and no one will tell her what exactly are they all doing on the boat.

I really liked this book, the prose flows beautifully and even though it's in third person it allows you to connect with Clio and what she's feeling as things get confusing and messy and she keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. Clio's relationships with the other crew members of the ship are the real strength of the book: her friendship with Elsa, her distrust of Julia and her lack of communication with her dad.

There is a bit of romance on the book but it doesn't overpower the story.



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