January 31, 2015

Book Review: Indecent Proposal by Molly O'Keefe

Summary (GoodReads)
With his chiseled jaw and his thick blond hair, Harrison Montgomery was born to lead. Four generations of Montgomery men have served the state of Georgia and now he’s next in line. Harrison, though, is driven to right wrongs: namely to clean up the political mess left by his father’s greed and corruption. But Harrison must first win his congressional bid, and nothing can get in his way—not even an angel who served him whiskey and gave him a shoulder to lean on and a body to love for a night. Problem is, she’s pregnant. Scandal is brewing and there is only one solution: marriage.

Damage control? Ryan Kaminski can’t believe that a cold, calculating political animal now inhabits the body of the emotionally vulnerable stranger who’d given her the most unforgettable night of her life. Really, she doesn’t want anything from Harrison, except to be left alone to have her baby in peace. But Ryan is broke, jobless, and essentially blackmailed by Harrison’s desperate family to accept this crazy marriage deal. For two years, she will have to act the role of caring, supportive wife. But what is Ryan supposed to do when she realizes that, deep in her heart, she’s falling in love

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed the set up for Indecent Proposal, because during that first encounter, Ryan and Harrison had a lot of chemistry and it was fun. After that? well, I liked Ryan a lot more than I did Harrson. 

Ryan was smart and was trying to do what was best for her baby, even if that meant going through with the whole charade marriage and actually helping Harrison with his campaign - I respected that she really did her best for him and tried to be what he needed; and that her experience acting and modeling came in handy there and that it was acknowledged.

Also loved the bond that formed between Ryan and Harrison's best friend - really, they were probably my favorite relationship in the book - who had more in common than what seemed at first. 

Harrison? Well, I thought he meant well but other made dumb mistakes trying to avoid repeating the mistakes his parents made. He wasn't particularly warm or likable, though you could see that he cared for the people in his life. 

By the end, I sort of felt like Ryan could have done better than him, though. 

Another thing that sort of bothered me was how much time was spent in the campaign and in Ryan's back story, rather than focusing on Ryan and Harrison's actual relationship, the other stuff was much more developed than the romance and that's just not what I expect of a romance book. 

And I was WAY more intrigued by, say, Ryan's brother than by Harrison or any of the other characters. 


  1. Hm! Sounds like everything but the romance was focused on..how odd for a romance novel lol.

  2. Looks interesting...you know I am with romances, I feel like its good to focus on development of a story, but the romantic relationship is what I love seeing built, and if it doesn't have much of that, than its not something I want to try out. So thanks for your honest review.


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