February 6, 2014

Book Review: The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell

The Deal:  Lady Aileen once left for London with stars in her eyes and dreams of falling in love, even though it hurt her to leave her ten 12-year-old sister Tara behind in Scotland. Nine years later, with a disastrous marriage and an scandalous divorce in her past, Aline is just glad she was allowed to stay at her family's estate and that most of the town still likes her, scandal and all.

She is full of regrets though, regrets that she was so naive, that she caused such a scandal, and that her once close relationship with Tara is now practically non-existent, she's not even invited to Tara's wedding.

But when Tara arrives suddenly at the estate, dressed in boys clothes and having ran off on her fiancé days before the wedding, things start to take wild turns. Tara is a bit spoiled and selfish and hasn't forgiven aline for living her behind all those years ago.

And then Blake Stephens, Tara's fiancés show up. The acknowledged bastard son of a Duke, Blake has worked hard for everything he has and has become very wealthy in his own right. He doesn't have any great feelings for Tara but he'll be dammed if he'll be jilted.

Until he meets Aileen...

My Thoughts: Cathy Maxwell is one of those authors I quietly love, I don't follow all of her releases and but I have read most of her books and I generally enjoy them.

So, when I heard of her new series The Brides of Wishmore, I decided to give it a try as it sounded interesting and I do love me a good forbidden lovers romance - I think that it's one of the best plots if the author has the chops to pull it off - and I'm happy to say that The Bride Says No didn't disappoint.

It wasn't exactly like I thought it would be but I didn't mind, I still liked Aileen and Blake a lot - I found them quite honest given the circumstances - and the whole story had an over-all lighthearted feeling.

Tara was really hard to like, she is very childish and selfish, but I'm totally willing to give it a try to her book The Bride Says Maybe.

All in all, I do recommend this read if you're looking for some fluff with a bit of angst thrown in.

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