December 16, 2013

Book Review: Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

At First Sight: Kayla Green doesn't like Christmas... in fact, she hates it enough to volunteer to work during the holidays, as the PR firm she works tries to land a new client. Said new client is Jackson O'Neil -owner of a luxury chain of hotels in Europe, who is currently trying to save his family's ski lodge in Vermont.

Jackson is surprised when Kayla agrees to spend a whole week in Vermont with him and his family and he really hopes that she'll be able to convince his stubborn grandfather to go along with Jackson's business plan - which includes hiring Kayla's PR firm to promote the lodge at s bigger scale-  so they don't lose the Lodge.

Kayla thought that by going to Vermont, she would avoid Christmas in the city, but she wasn't counting with the winter wonderland she found at the lodge, or with the fact that Jackson's family was totally Christmas obsessed. 

Second Glance: Okay, so I'm a little torn about this book. On one hand, I really liked it: the setting, the characters, etc. But on the other hand, the plot has so many holes on it that it does not bear thinking about it too much.

Kayla was very serious and capable, and had a genuine reason not to like Christmas, she feels a strong attraction to Jackson, but she mostly wants to do a good job. Jackson has a lot of family baggage but he's trying to do the right thing by his family. The O'Neils are a very close knit group, sure, but they also have a lot of issues - which I won't name because it would just be like a grocery's list - but they are good people.

The problem, like I said, is the plot holes: Kayla is too naive expecting that a place that advertises itself as a winter wonderland will be devoid of Christmas, the way the reason why she hates Christmas is dragged out was a bit bothersome because there isn't that much to it.  Jackson and Kayla's relationship progresses way too quickly (they go from "lets keep it professional" to "You're the Only One For Me" in less than a week), and so on and so forth. 

Bottom Line: While I was totally enchanted by the background of Sleigh Bells in the Snow, and I definitely plan to pick up the following books, I can't say that I Loved this book, but I did like it and while I was reading it it was fun, it was only later, as I thought about it that the flaws became all too clear. But I would still recommend it for some holiday fun. 

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