November 8, 2013

At the Movies: Thor - the Dark World

After my second viewing of Thor: The Dark World (which will be quickly followed by my third, tomorrow) (yes, I love it that much), I feel ready to write a review about it. 

To start with, this is very much a sequel and and I don't recommend skipping Thor 1 or The Avengers, because you'll be depriving yourself of a lot of the scope of the movie if you do. 

It picks up relatively soon after the events of the Avengers with Loki being brought back to Asgard and Thor working to bring peace to the Nine Realms after the destruction and troubles his brother left in his wake. 

It might have been two years since he last saw Jane, but he hasn't forgotten her and he still cares very much about her. Meanwhile,  Jane is on Earth, trying to move on but still looking for Thor, which makes her come in contact with something quite dangerous, something that Asgard's enemies - The Dark Elves - want to get their hands on, prompting Thor to come back for her and protect her. 

This starts a chain of events that lead to an incredibly fun movie. 

I'm not going to spoil it of course, I'm not that mean, but there are 2 pivotal points in the story, one that changes Thor and Loki's journey, and another that does something JJ Abrams with his stupid Mystery Box approach to making movies wishes he could pull off: A Plot Twist that totally changes your perception of the movie, right at the end. And it has a great pace. 

I loved the movie, honestly, is so much fun. I loved Loki and Darcy particularly, as they made me laugh almost every time they were in any scene. I think Darcy is my favorite regular-human in this universe honestly. 

Anyway, as I said, totally loved the movie and Thor is shaping up to being my favorite avenger - or at least tied in first with Tony Stark - and that's saying something because, growing up I hated watching the Thor cartoon, it was the second most boring thing on TV after the Captain America cartoon, which was on a league of its own. 

Go see this movie for the fun of it, it's not perfect, but it's awesome and you will love it! And, as always, STAY through the credits!! there are TWO bonus scenes, and one comes  after ALL the credits have rolled up!!!. 

And yes, it's getting a Kissy Bear: 
Grade: A 

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