July 4, 2013

Book Review: Taking the Cake (Confectionately Yours #2)

At First Sight: Hayley is still trying to adjust to all the changes in her life, like moving in with her grandma and having to share a room with her little sister Chloe, like the fact her dad has a girlfriend and it's getting pretty serious; and her two longest friendships seem to be at a weird place.

But there are also some good things in Hayley's life: Devon, her crush, seems to be acting flirty, she found a good friend in classmate Meghan, and sometimes it seems like Marco (one of those long-standing friendships) is coming around.

Yet, things start going a little crazy in her life as Thanksgiving approaches, and her Dad announces they are going to meet his girlfriend's parents, tilting her world again. 

Second Glance: I wasn't sure what to write as the summary for Taking the Cake because in some ways nothing much happens and if I tell you I kind of tell you the whole plot of the book. Basically, it continues where Save the Cupcake! left off as Hayley keeps narrating her life as she navigates middle school.

I loved every bit of it.

I really like Hayley, she worries and she's a good friend but she's not above some jealousy now and then or wanting things to stay the same. It takes her a while to appreciate good changes but she usually gets there.

In Taking the Cake, she grows up a little more, does things that she isn't sure of - with mixed results - and bakes a lot of cupcakes. 

Bottom Line: Confectionately Yours is an adorable series and Taking the Cake a really nice adition to it! It works like just the best brain candy you could ever imagine and it's fun to boot, plus I love reading about Hayley's recipes for cupcakes. 

Favorite Quote: "It might be a bad idea... but what good is a friend if she won't get behind your bad ideas?"

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