April 2, 2013

Book Review: Under the Hood by Juanita Kees

The Deal: When taking over his newest dealership in semi-rural Australia, the least thing Scott Devin expected to find was TJ Stevens, the shop's manager and lead mechanic, wearing a skirt and impractical shoes and telling him to cool it while she deals with some stuff.

Scott is none too amused by this and quickly fires her, only to realize that TJ is pretty much the heart of the dealership and he hires her again. 

TJ (short of Tiffany Jo, I think) is a pretty good mechanic and she loves working at the dealership, though not as much as she loves the teenage rehabilitation program she runs; and the de campground she inherited from her grandfather. 

She doesn't have time for Scott... too bad she can't seem to get away. 

My Thoughts: *sigh* From the cover I thought Under the Hood would be a fun, cute, fluffy story but it wasn't. It starts fun enough but then things get muddled pretty quickly. 

The plot jumps from one thing to another with little explanation or link between events, so much so that I often felt like I was reading the cliff notes of the story, rather than the actual story. It was oddly episodic and overly complicated for it's length. 

I liked Scott and TJ at the beginning, there were some cute moments between them but the development of their relationship seems to be on fast forward from the start which doesn't leave much room for character development.

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