November 2, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Characters from the Lumatere Chronicles - A Quintana of Charyn Blog Tour Post

Quintana of Charyn Tour

Hello my loveys!!

If you have been around me you probably already know that I have a deep abiding love for Melina Marchetta's writing (and you can look at my Marchetta Madness posts from earlier this year if you need proof of it!) 

So when there was a chance to jump in and be part of the Quintana of Charyn Blog Tour (hosted by 132 Minutes)  I decided to join in by making one of my lists!

So, as of right no - before I read Quitana - here is my list of Most Favorite Characters in the Lumatere Chronicles. And yes, I'll try to make it as spoiler free as possible. 

5. Lucian of the Monts
Compared to other characters, Lucian had it relatively easy during the exile as he had most of his village, his grandmother and father (who was a great leader) with him during the 10 years they spent out of their kingdom. But things come crashing down for him after they return home, and suddenly he has to step into his father's role as leader of the Monts. He struggles with feeling like he's not good enough, and he often puts his foot in his mouth but he means well - flaws and all - and he grows up. Out of all the guys in the series, he's actually the one that makes me swoon the most, actually. 

4. Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers
There is nothing particularly nice or homey about Tesadora. She's pretty hard core and doesn't mince her words, she's tough and most people call her a witch and she's probably the most feared person of the kingdom. But she always protects the people who need it and she's very no-nonsense about the people she does care about. She's tough and I respect that. She also has this love story that's, you know, hate at first sight and love ever after. 

3. Froi (of the Exiles?) 
The road to liking Froi was a hard one, he does some pretty bad things during Finnikin of the Rock, but he eventually grows up to be very loyal, as he learns to connect with people and with the land. He has this yearning inside of him for a place to call home and he works very hard at not disappointing the people who believe in him. He's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I liked seeing him grow up. Plus, I like his sense of humor, it's kind of sly and not always appropriate but at least he still can laugh. And I love the way he is with Quintana. 
(Note: I totally love Quintana tons, but I don't think I can say why without spoiling some big things from the second book, so :P) 

2. Beatriss of the Flatlands
For me, Beatriss is one of those women who grew up never knowing her own strength. She was called Beatriss the Beautiful and Beatriss the Beloved (of Captain Trevanion), and no one really thought she was anything more than a pretty face, except for Trevanion. But when push came to shove, she endured some really awful things and did her best to protect the people of her town. She kept it together when no one would have blamed her for falling apart, and even though it takes her time, she does eventually stars to live again. 

1. Phaedra of Alonso
Phaedra was one of those characters that simply made me ache for her. Much like Beatriss, Phaedra doesn't know her own strength at first and she does feel like a failure sometimes due of her marriage to Lucian - because she knows he didn't want to marry her at all and just did it because his father promised he would - but she's full of quiet resilience, and she eventually proves to be capable and resourceful. I loved seeing her relationship with Lucian develop during Froi of the Exiles and I can't wait to see more about them. 

Shout out to Tariq of Lascow and the Last Borns!
I can't say much about Tariq without spoiling some stuff, but if you haven't read Froi, be on the look out for him. I totally loved him and absolutely believe he was a good leader and that he had all the makings of a good king. 

The Last Borns, particularly Grijio of Paladozza and Satch of Desantos. These guys have something their elders sometimes misplace: a moral compass - They know that the way people treat Quintanna is not right and they do whatever they can to keep her safe even if they have no fighting-skills to speak off.  Seeing risking themselves to help her, just because it was the right thing to do, really touched my heart. 

Okay! so that's my list! Has anyone read the series too? Care to share your thoughts? Just drop a comment bellow!

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Anyway! I hope you check out more of the tour! And thanks for reading!

Love, Alex.

PS - Quintana of Charyn will be published in the US in Spring 2013 - March I believe - but it's already available through Firshpond World!

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