July 6, 2012

Book Review: Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot

At First Sight: It's summer in New York City, but for assistant Residence Hall director Heather Wells, the work never ends. Not only does she has a bunch of kids staying at her 'should-be-closed-for-renovations' residence hall (or, as new fiance Cooper calls it: Heather's Island of Misfit Toys), but now she also has Tania Trace - current Queen of Pop - hosting a Rock Camp there too.

With Tania also comes her new husband Jordan - who happens to be Cooper's brother and Heather's ex-boyfriend - and the entire crew of the 'docu-reality' show Jordan loves Tania. 

Then, because Fischer Hall's reputation of Death Dorm is well earned, people around Tania start having 'accidents' and soon, one of them turns deathly. 

Second Glance: Size 12 and Ready to Rock was such an enjoyable read! I loved being sucked back into Heather's world. She's such a happy, funny person who doesn't just sit and watch as injustices happen. She has a really caring spirit and tries to help other people. I love that about her. 

And it was fun to see her with Cooper - now that they are FINALLY a couple, though I did wish there was more of them together. In this book, Cooper gets hired to be Tania's bodyguard, so he's a fair bit, we also get to see some of the Cartwright Family's crazy dynamics and trust me, Cooper and Jordan's sisters are NUTS.

I kind of liked to see the more human side of Tania Trace but, at the same time, I felt she kind of took over the whole story. Like it wasn't Heather solving a mystery, but rather Tania has an stalker!

Other than that, I really enjoyed this new entry to the Heather Wells Mysteries. 

Bottom Line: Reading Size 12 and Ready to Rock was like getting re-acquainted with an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, and I was reminded of all the things why I liked her. It's a fun, summer read with lots of humor and bad songs (but in a good way). 

Favorite Quote: "That was ABBA," I say with a sniff. "Everyone sounds good singing ABBA, especially in the bathroom. Why do you think they are so popular?"

Ps - You can't miss the book trailer of Size 12 and Ready to Rock:

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