March 31, 2012

Meg-A-Readers Blog Hop!

Hello everyone!

As you might know, I'm a HUGE Meg Cabot fan, so when I found out that Mandy@The Romantic Bookie and Diana@Miss Little Drama Girl were hosting a Meg Cabot Blog Event, I had to join.

Here are the details (according to The Romantic Bookie's sign up page)
Because Meg's having TWO books released this year, and both within a two month period, we will be combining Meg-A Readers Blog Hop with both those releases! 
It will start May 15th (one week before the release of Underworld (the second in the Abandon Trilogy) and end on July 21st (roughly a little over a week after the release of Size 12 and Ready to Rock (the fourth in the Heather Wells Mysteries). 
Throughout those two months we are hoping to get as many bloggers, to each host a day, where you will write all about your love for Meg!

Here are your options:
You can either:
  • Post a review about any of Meg Cabot's books. 
  • Write about how Meg's books came into your life, and what impact they have had. 
  • If you've met Meg, tell your story. 
  • Or we have decided a fun one would be to do an "interview". While we don't want you all pestering Meg for an interview, she is a busy woman after all, and we do want her to finish her next projects, and possibly visit us in our towns!!! :), Diana and I have come up with the idea of doing an "interview" with your favorite Meg Cabot character. Now, we know this will be tricky, but a lot of fun!! :) (If you choose to do this, please, email us (my email is: and let us know what you plan on doing :). 
  • Of course, if you want to and have the resources, you are welcome to host a Meg Cabot giveaway! Those are always fun! 
  • And then we will also be posting a list of books that have been approved by us that you can do a review on that have similar subjects as Meg's two new releases. We are planning on having anyone interested post a review on a Mythological book between May 21st and June 23rd, and then after the 23rd, you may choose to do a review on a Mystery novel ( the list will be posted soon! :), and if a book you want to read isn't on their, then email us and ask! :))
So those are the options, of course we are open to suggestions!! So don't hesitate to email or comment :).

And then we have also decided to have a Meg Cabot Read-a-Thon Week!! This will be the week of Sunday June 17th to Saturday June 23rd, and during that week all the participants, who have the time, and of course everyone else (even non-bloggers can participate during this week!) will begin the challenge of reading AS MANY Meg Cabot books as they can in ONE WEEK!!!

I think this event is going to be awesome. I'm definitely participating on the Read-A-Ton, and I'll review some of her books I haven't talked about yet or that I've touched in very general terms. I hope I can get both books so I can review them as well.
I'm also doing a Fan-list of my favorite Meg Cabot characters or heroines (haven't decided yet).

Hope many of you join, and if you're interested, please head off to The Romance Bookie.

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